Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Crocheted Froggie

During my last trip to Egypt in June, I tried my hand at crocheting toys as you might have already read in my post about the bunny. Then you'd also know that I used the bunny to train for bigger things. And here it is: The frog! 😀

Half was through this frog I realized I was using the wrong stitch and the frog was growing extremely long! I stopped, scratched my head, googled a bit then undid and redid using the correct stitch. Again, if you read about the bunny, you know I haven't bothered to redo that, but the frog would've looked awful otherwise 😂.

The scarf was made by my mom who decided to give me a bit of a hand.

This little guy is also based on a pattern from Stoff & Stil, all yarn is also from there apart from that used for the scarf, it was leftovers from my mom's stash.

And although this frog looks way better (and more professional) than the bunny, and although everybody in the family loved it, the bunny is still me nephew's favorite. And I'm fine with that.


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    1. Thank you Oksana 😊
      And welcome to my blog

  2. Hello Maria Hayek, so happy I found your blog. Love this adorable frog and it looks so well done :)

    1. Thank you Hana! Glad you're here 🤗