Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bomber jacket and I love it!

After sewing my last pair of trousers I got so exhausted that I wanted to sew something simple and straightforward. Not because the trousers were difficult, not at all, they were really simple, but because of all the blog posts that resulted from them 😂 (I wrote 4! A normal one and 3 tutorials). Those were a bit of work.

So I decided to go ahead with one of my long planned projects: The summer bomber jacket.
The choice fell on Burda Easy 1/2014 #1C, it had the classic bomber jacket shape that I wanted, but I didn't like its collar, so I used the collar pattern piece from Burda Style #6660 which I think completes the "bomber jacket by the book" look.

Now I technically followed the pattern instructions with no deviations at all. The only thing I did was to sew a few stitches to fasten the pockets to the zipper band so they don't stick out when I wear it open (which happened after taking this photos, so you will see them stick out a bit here and there).

But if these instructions are supposed to be for beginners, I'm sorry for you dear beginners! They were quite confusing. It wasn't clear what pieces one needed to cut for variation C which is really frustrating for a beginner and once you figure that out and cut the 2 waistband pieces. Nowhere in the instructions does it tell you to sew them together.

Given I used scuba and rib jersey for this project, I couldn't be bothered to serge the seams inside, so it's not very pretty on the inside, but I couldn't care less 😋.

I was also planning to make a pair of espadrilles from the scuba material to match, then I remembered I already have a pair from Ecco that passes quite well.

I love my summer jacket, I've been wearing it whenever the temperature dropped below 20C. And I pat myself on the shoulder for te fabric choice. Good job Maria! 😄

Pattern: Burda Easy 1/2014 #1C
Fabric: Cream scuba with roses from Minerva Crafts (
            Pink rib jersey and zipper from Stoff & Stil (
Photos taken on Nordre Kaholmen, one of the two islands on which Oscarsborg sits. I love that place when it's sunny for a little walk then a coffee with ice cream. Highly recommended if you're in the vicinity.


  1. Så kul den ble og tøffe sko som passer perfekt til :) Elsker stoffet ditt ♥

    1. Tusen takk Ellen! Jeg var heldig med stoffet, det forsvant raskt fra butikken 😮

  2. How lovely!!! It looks great on you! I really love this fabric choice- and shoes too😺 I would love to make mine as well as like yours🌟

    1. Thank you so much Eli! I'm sure you can do it and even better than me ☺

  3. It looks great Maria! I love the print that you used - so cheerful and summery!

    1. Thank you so much Katia! I got requests from friends and family to make them this too :D
      Also welcome to my blog :)