Sunday, 9 July 2017

Crocheted bunny

I love crochet. I'm quite good at it and enjoy doing it. I've crocheted myself a few garments already and I do use them often. But I've never done any toys before. The multitude of shapes to construct a toy and the importance of getting those shapes right scared me a bit, together with the fact that there was nobody to make toys for.

But now I have a nephew, who is a great excuse to make all kind of things! Clothes, toys, decor items, bed sheets...😁

So with him as an excuse I went to Stoff & Stil and bought a couple of crocheted animals patterns. An easy one and a more elaborate one. The easy one was this little bunny.

Image from

The color choice was simply based on me liking this color. Then I just followed the instructions (or so I thought), but gave him a smiley mouth and cuter eyes than what the pattern suggested.

I say or so I thought because the Stoff & Stil patterns here come in 4 languages: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and German. Although I speak Norwegian and therefore can also work my way around Swedish and Danish, I've never crocheted in any of these languages before, meaning I didn't know the names of the different stitches.

So I went online, translated them and wrote the corresponding English names on the pattern sheet that I took with me to Egypt. But somehow I got it wrong! So I worked the whole rabbit in the wrong stitch making him 1.5 times taller than what he should've been 😂.

But hey! My nephew absolutely loves it!

Plus, the easy rabbit was more of a training project to ease myself into toy making with crochet, coz the next one turned out loads better! But that's for a different post.