Monday, 17 July 2017

Summer delight trousers a.k.a How to make Seamwork Moji from a Burda pattern?


I love Seamwork's Moji trousers! I've been looking at this pattern forever and really wanted to make it. But I have to admit...I'm cheap when it comes to patterns. Moji costs $12. I stopped buying the $5.99 patterns from the American Burda site because I speak Russian and they cost under $3 on the Russian Burda site (and they have loads of sales). So $12 was super expensive in my book.

But a bit of creativity and imagination goes a long way.

Seamwork Moji looks like this:

I went browsing (who by the way also put up catalogue models in pdf formats) and found this:
This is pattern 6938 Super easy, and it is indeed super easy. I started from there, and step by step headed closer to the Moji.

First I ditched the in-seam pockets and replaced them with patch pockets (and described how to do it here).

Then I drafted the fold-up hem on my pattern pieces, and sewed my pants based on that (and described how do that here).

But when I finished the pants and put them on, the hem was so wide, it looked horrible! It looked like hobbit pants 😂, so I undid my hem and narrowed the legs (which I of course dutifully described here 😊) then redid the hem, and yes! This is what I wanted these to look like.

I used viscose twill to make these, so these here are the perfect pair of light, airy summer trousers. They came with me to Egypt end of June and they worked great, I've been wearing them here in Norwegian summer afterwards and they work great too.

I think I'll be wearing these until they literally fall apart 😄.

Pattern: Burda Style 6938 Super easy bought on
Fabric: Viscose twill from Stoff & Stil
Cord: Used as belt is also from Stoff & Stil (see My fave shops for more details).


  1. Fantastisk herlig! Ser veldig kofortable ut :)

    1. De er kjempe komfortable! Tusen takk Ellen! :)

  2. I often use Burda patterns to replicate other companies patterns too. I have so many burda magazines I can always find what I'm looking for.

    1. Exactly! It was difficult in the beginning but now that I've accumulated quite a collection of patterns and a bit of expertise, a little goes a long way ☺
      Thanks for commenting on my post Jenny!🌹