Sunday, 4 November 2018

My favorite jersey dress so far

Remember me saying I'll show you two not season suitable makes? This is the second one 😁.

If you've been following me for a while and seen my makes, you'll know I'm more of a woven fabric than knit fabric person, I prefer the element of "dress up" that woven fabrics give in comparison with the casualness and t-shirt factor of most knits.

But I've been eyeing this particular jersey for a long time, loved it at first sight but thought it was expensive...then a year or so later, it goes on sale! yaaay! I looked at it, decided summer dress and bought me some.

It's a bit later that I made the fabric/pattern connection. But I've been also admiring the pattern for a while and wanted to make a version or other of it. When I started laying out the fabric to start cutting, I got doubtful...isn't it too loud a print? Will I actually be able to use this dress as an everyday dress? but decided to give it a try anyway.

I decided I want to make the dress as is, but omit the sleeves. I actually don't think I'd have had enough fabric to make the sleeves even if I wanted to. As usual I cut size 38 for the top part, grading into a 40 for the hips, but found out later that was unnecessary as it's a skirt with elasticated waist so I'd have comfortably fitted in a standard 38 throughout.

Did you know that the front part of the top is not attached to the skirt? 😲 Yup, it just hangs over it! Another thing I was skeptical about but decided to give it a go and it turned out totally fine. And the instructions will have you leave some of that top hem unfinished...I didn't, I hemmed the whole thing.

As for the sleeves (or arm openings), I just cut slightly more seam allowance, turned them to the wrong side and top stitched with a twin needle resulting in these built-in short sleeves. Other than that no changes to the pattern instructions.

Now the moment of truth: How do I feel about my dress? I love it! It's pretty, very comfortable, and the print turned out to be not too loud as I thought. So I did use it many times as an everyday dress during the summer and planning to use it plenty more next summer...and the next...and the one after that...well, you get the picture 😉.

This is also item 8 of my 2018 Make Nine list, and spoiler alert: Item 9 is also done and coming soon to the blog 😊. And given it's a Burda pattern (surprise, surprise) it's also an entry for the Burda challenge 2018.

Pattern: Burda Style 10/2016 #102
Fabric: Stretch cotton jersey (I believe it's cotton and elastan) from Hawaa textiles, Cairo.
Photos taken in my favorite summer place within an hour's drive from home: Holmsbu.


  1. Дуже красиво і фото чудові, сукня для гарного настрою для всіх, хто тебе в ній бачить :-)

    1. Duje diakuyu Oksana! yakiy priimniy komentar <3 Din buv super, nastriy buv super tak i fotki bidpovidno vyishli :)