Saturday, 23 June 2018

World's Easiest Top

I've been wanting to write about this top for a while but 40+ C weather in Cairo and a broken aircon were not helping 😄, but here I am doing it. Coincidentally, this top is perfect for such temperatures, it's easy and fast to make, as well as light and breezy to wear.

I made this for the first time back in 2015 from two silk/polyester scarves as an experiment. It turned out really cool and I even wrote some simple instructions on how to do it on my Burda projects page. It looked like this:

Now a lot of you know that I opened a fabric store some months ago, and as much as I'd like it, fame and customers don't come without work 😄, and I started looking for channels to advertise for myself. I've been a member of a few Norwegian sewing groups on Facebook already, where I showed my makes in general. Then I discovered that one of them also had its own Snapchat account that members can sign up to take over for a day or two. The admins of the group encouraged shop owners to take over and show a normal day at the shop.

I thought why not? I took over one day, talked about Cotton Candy and my reasons behind it, showed my work day, but since it's a sewing group, I thought it'd be nice to also sew something quick and simple in the evening. And what's more perfect than this top? So I clipped me a piece of woven viscose from the shop and went to work.

The feedback was really amazing! People loved it, complimented me on it, saved my snaps for later and those who didn't or who weren't following that day but saw the top on FB and IG later, asked me about the pattern I used. The result of all this is a free sewing pattern that I wrote, and that is available for download in both Norwegian and English from my store here.

I've become a regular on the snapchat account by now, It's such an ego boost! 😂 People are so nice, and it's great to hear that people like what I make, and learn something from what I show.

Pattern: World's Easiest Top by Cotton Candy
Fabric: Woven viscose with abstract print in pink from Cotton Candy
Photos taken in front of Cotton Candy's warehouse in Asker, Norway.

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