Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Some sun can't hurt

Our 7th floor balcony

I'm on vacation!!! Finally 😁! I've been waiting for so long! And now I finally took a week off and flew to Egypt. I'm spending the whole week in Cairo with my family including the new little addition to it, my nephew Zein who is only 1 month old 👶

It's nice getting vitamin D directly from the sun and not from tablets like I have to do in Norway, nice to be able to just sit in the balcony in 20 degrees with the sun in my face, a cup of coffee in hand and the laptop on my lap writing this post.

There are zero plans for this vacation apart from a party on Friday for the new born boy. Which is exactly what I need, some "hermiting" sounds like a great idea right now! (I do have my cross-stitching with me to fill the time when needed).
Miss these two boys
As for sewing, there isn't much that has happened, I didn't start on my last winter project yet, but I did use a couple of hours one evening to make a pair of baby pants for Zein. I did however buy even more fabric, I'm running out of space in my fabric cabinet 😕, but I have so many projects in mind! My spring/summer wardrobe is already all planned out!😇
Baby pants

But for now and until the end of the week, I'll just chill.
See you again when I'm back in Norway 😘

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