Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The last winter project for 2016/17

I've shared with you a few weeks ago my intentions to sew the last project for this winter and showed some items I considered for the purpose to match a piece of fabric I had available and wanted to use 😊

One of the nominees pushed aside all the others for me when it was released in the January issue of Burda Style magazine. I liked the shape and design details and at the same time, the simplicity of its construction... And the winner is!

My winning model
I did the preparation work before my trip to Cairo: Printed the pattern, cut it, laid it out on the fabric and cut the pieces.
Laid out and ready to cut

And...cut :)


Then of course I discover that my broad collection of threads doesn't have one in a matching color which was important for finishing these two pieces to the left, which delayed any further execution since this was the first step.

I did pay the fabric store a visit on my way to the airport to fly to Egypt and bought the missing color (along with a piece of fabric and a matching thread for that 😇)

 I started working on this slowly after my vacation, and it came together rather nicely and without any difficulties or incidents. And believe me that feels really good!
One ruffle --> Into a complete front --> And the sleeves are ready
It turned out as good as I expected it to and the smooth sailing of it was the best way to finish this season's sewing before the challenges of my spring collection...

Here it is 😌 (And as usual more on my projects page)
The finished product


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