Sunday, 29 January 2017

Prelude to the last winter project for this season

Most of my autumn/winter 16/17 creations

Yes! Officially this is the last winter project for winter 2016/17. It's been ac active autumn/winter season. I've made myself a coat, two pairs of pants, two tops, a skirt, and a jumpsuit (that I later transformed into pants and a blouse for practicality reasons), I've made Erik a pair of pants and a shirt, I've made a dress and two simple skirts for a friend, I've made a hoodie for Oskar and a jumpsuit for my little new nephew Zein. So I've been damn productive!
The front cross-stitching is done, working on the arms
I've decided that it's about time to finish up the Ukrainian shirt I'm making for my sister, I started it almost two years ago, but cross-stitching does that to me, I finish a part then be so bored that I put the work on the next parts off for some months before I have any will to continue. Now the time has come, and I have the will so it's been my priority (hobby-wise) since the beginning of this year.
The fabric of choice

This shirt is also the reason I'm doing the last sewing project for this year and will probably take a month off sewing. Why not stop here and make the jeans the last project? Because I really liked this pattern and had a fabric I believe will be perfect for it. Below are the patterns I considered for this project, but I'll leave the winner and its making for another post 😉
The nominees


  1. wooow!! new look! new tagline and frequent posts!! go MAria!!

    (and awesome work with the sewing machine, obviously :D)

  2. Yup! I'm giving this another try :) Let's see how long it lasts this time :D
    (and thanks :) )