Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Project jeans - part 2

My original plan for this past week was to catch up on an embroidery project I keep neglecting, and I did do a bit on Monday so I feel a bit better about it. But on Wednesday I got this urge to continue with the jeans.

The waistband is added, and the button is attached

Weekdays normally don't offer a lot of time in the evening for "crafts" so all I managed to do was attach the waistband, but that's also progress. And started buttonhole training. It's almost like every material and thread combination requires repeating the process! But now I think I'm ready ✌

The dreadful button-loops are now in place
On Friday I did it! I made that damned buttonhole, and hammered in the button. And! That was it for Friday 😆

Saturday: Belt loops! The biggest needle breaker of all times! This poor piece of metal needs to make its way through up to 12 layers of jeans! It went perfectly fine until the last two loop bottoms where hell broke loose and I threw away 4 bent/broken needles before I was done. Now it was only the last step left: hemming. Put the pants on, found out where I want it to be, and did it! Now I'm finished! 💃
 Et voila!
I love my new jeans 😊