Monday, 16 January 2017

Project Jeans

The idea was born as simple as ever: I want new black jeans, I love those flared ones the weather woman on NRK wore, I will make them myself so they fit properly.

The pattern
The M&S purchasing was a bit more challenging:

  • The perfect pattern for the look 👍    (I used Simplicity 8222)
  • Suitable stretchy black denim fabric 👍
  • Fashion decisions...Should I use rivets? (no)...Should I topstitch in a different color? (why not?)...Should I have decorative stitching somewhere? back pockets for example? (mmmnah, keep it simple) 👍
But the most challenging and crucial bit is what comes after. Below is the summary of the first week's progress.

Sunday: I've had the digital pattern for a while...I've also had the fabric for a while...the rest for a shorter while but a while none the less...not unlike me though.
Today I finally got around to printing and assembling the pattern. The pattern is for skinny jeans though and I need to modify it to flares. Not today 😇
Materials & Supplies

Thursday: After a few busy evenings, finally got around to modifying the pattern from skinny to flared legs.
Pattern modified from skinny to flared

Friday: Layed the pattern out on the fabric, will cut tomorrow...
Ready for cutting!

Saturday: Good progress today! I cut the pattern pieces out and started sewing, did the coin pocket, front pockets, the zipper and all its relevant bits and the front crotch seam. Let's see how far I get tomorrow 😌
The front is done!

Sunday: More of the good progress today! 😁 The back is assembled (yoke, pockets, center seam) and attached to the front (inner leg seam, side seams).
The back is also done!

What's left now isn't much, but some of it isn't easy as I'll be dealing with a lot of fabric layers, poor Bernina! But that's for a later post.

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