Monday, 9 January 2017

It's a new year

Taal lake, on the way to the volcano

And a bit over a year since my last post.
I'm not sure why this time of year gets me blogging again, maybe it's the lingering holiday mood, maybe the slightly more relaxed, less busy days. I'm a bit disappointed with myself for not writing
The White beach, Boracay
more, I don't exactly lack things to write about or want to write, but my problem is that "inspiration" hits at times and places when I don't have the means or the time to write. I should start carrying a little notebook...Saying that, I'm not going to quit my day job yet 😂

Acropolis, Athens
The past year itself wasn't particularly different, life kinda just nicely went on...We did add a new member to the family, of the feline species, little JJ moved to our house on my birthday after his "daddy" moved to England. That was a nice birthday gift. And although it's not exactly love and peace between him and Otto, it's not war either.

I'm still sewing! Did a lot of that in 2016 as well as a couple of crochet projects and some sporadic
The Louvre, Paris
embroidery, the style has now moved on to more sober and simple pieces as well as more men's clothing for Erik and baby clothing for 3 different babies. I'm also considering to attempt knitting...always fun to learn something new!

LV-11, Rotterdam
I've been to three weddings in three different countries: One of my friends from work in the Philippines which was combined with the best beach vacation ever! One of my friend from university in Malaga where I also tried the beach of famous Costa del Sol even though just for 2-3 hours before flying home, and the last of a childhood friend in Poland also followed by a little city vacation in Prague. And if this travelling wasn't enough, I also did a long weekend in Paris and a week in Egypt including a 3-day trip to the Red sea where hell broke loose and there was the mother of all rain storms (water was leaking into the rooms) for like a day and a half 😕, a quick stopover in Athens,  then a weekend in Trondheim and Christmas there as well.

The most remarkable event though happened early this year, just a few days ago. I became an aunt!
Munkholmen, Trondheim
My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and I'm buying tickets to go meet him next month 😊

I'm hoping the next post is not going to be another year summary, and therefore hopefully see you here soon! Happy New Year!

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