Monday, 21 December 2015

December mood...or festive feelings

Oskar's present
December comes every year and gives the same feeling. A feeling of goodness, calm happiness (as opposed to excited wo-hoo! type)...In a way a feeling of bliss.
I've been sailing through December in a good mood until now, and given it's only one week til I fly to Cairo to celebrate New Year with my family, it's little that can go wrong here.

There's been a trip to Trondheim in the beginning of the month to meet Erik's family. It was so good to see little Oskar (practically my nephew), he grows fast! And he's the happiest little boy I've ever seen :) If I'm ever to have kids, please God! let them be like him!

Fabric pieces everywhere!

The sewing hasn't stopped in the meantime, I've done my first children's clothes; Oskar got himself a T-shirt (with animals on) and dungarees (with a fox on the pocket matching the animals on his T-shirt). Then I made myself a new top (with sparkly bits to match the season and festivities) :)

Successful shopping
And Last weekend I started working on Erik's new year gift: A winter coat. So I'm inaugurating myself into men's clothing as well... Made very good progress on Saturday and Sunday, then went skiing with a friend on Monday evening (while the snow holds), had team dinner on Tuesday evening (and came home around 23:30), then spent Wednesday evening gift shopping and also came home around 22:00, had a cup of tea, some quality time with Otto and went to bed. So now I have a project half-way and I'm itching to continue on it and finish it, hopefully start today...

A blurry one from Tryvann
I have to say that this has been the most successful Christmas/New year hopping trip I ever had. I managed to buy all the missing gifts and don't spend money on stupid useless things, so now it's just to wrap and carry (and return a gift I ordered online and didn't like that much).

Plans for the next few days is really to take it easy and have a good relaxed time, then fly to Egypt.
Have a good relaxed time you too and Happy Holidays!
Otto got a gift too :D

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