Thursday, 12 April 2012

Stockholm syndrome: Sunday

Woke up with no plans for the day, no special requests either :), so I suggested a walk to Sodermalm, passed Riddar holmen on the way, which is probably the first isle to be populated in today's Stockholm, and crossed from there to Soder.

If you watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, you'll know what I'm talking about, this is where Mikael lived. The old buildings built on the hilly side of that island, with quite a bit of them looking north towards the rest of Stockholm, a beautiful place to live, and a beautiful place for a walk as well.

Now if you walk down from there to the main road on Soder, the whole stretch to your left side once you hit the road is art galleries, the Bohemian bit of Stockholm maybe? But the right side is full of other shops and nice cosy cafes with pretty decent menus and good food.

We walked back from Sodermalm via Gamla Stan to Drottningsgata, I remember that street from last time I was here and it reminded me of an exploded version of Karl Johans from Oslo centrak to Stortinget. But I like it, shops and restaurants, locals and tourists, and always a lot of people there. Then it started snowing over Stockholm, and we decided to start heading back to Norway, we were driving, and it was a snow storm quite a bit of the way through Sweden.
This was a slow and event-less weekend but I enjoyed it a lot, thanks Erik, this was a  great anniversary trip and I enjoyed it a lot.

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