Friday, 7 September 2012

Madurodam ... or I'm a giant

Just when I was thinking that my next blog is going to be about what to write next since I'm not traveling around that much anymore, and won't be in the future either due to a job change, I get stranded in Amsterdam airport for 6 hours.

And me being me, I couldn't just sit there, had to go see something new. I've always seen photos of Madurodam (you know that miniature city in Holland?) and like a kid always wanted to go, but I knew it wasn't in Amsterdam.

A bit of internet googling and asking train station staff, I found out that was in The Hague, and it takes only half an hour to get there from Schiphol Airport. You say "So what?", I say: "Excellent!", with the amount of time I had, the decision was instant.

It's a bit far from the train station but I walked, there are also trams that go there (No. 9 & 5 :) ). The place is not big but there are so may details that it takes you quite a while to get trough it all.
Miniature Amsterdam most famous buildings with moving cars in the tiny streets, miniature main train stations and both passenger and goods trains circling the city on tiny rails, tiny boats moving through locks. A mini version of Schiphol airport with moving planes, windmills, refineries, power stations, docks, all so artfully done and so nice looking, I was as happy as any of the kids there, maybe a bit more. Took loads of photos and videos and headed back to the airport for a well deserved meal and my next flight.
P.S. All the photos are of miniatures ;)

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