Thursday, 12 April 2012

Stockholm syndrome: Saturday

No, I haven't been held hostage and started sympathizing with the offender, unless you can consider my husband taking me to Stockholm without me knowing where I was going a kidnap, so he's the offender and I def. sympathize with that particular man, so...

My second time in romantic Stockholm, this time with my man, and the city is just as I remember it being. To my surprise we were booked in that nice Radisson overlooking the harbor, I noticed it last time and thought it would be really to stay there. Sweet!

Since I've trodden all over this city a few years back, I didn't have any requests, and since I didn't know where I was going, there wasn't a sightseeing agenda either. So we just took it slow. Got there late on Friday and went straight to bed :).

Woke up next morning, missing hotel breakfast as usual, found it raining, so just lazed out in bed. Out for breakfast in Norrmalm nearby, in a tiny cafe, with glass windows everywhere and quite nice salads. Then walked over to the Vasa museum, now I can't say the walk was very pleasant, because the wind was freezing, but it was OK nonetheless. The Vasa museum houses the Vasa ship, built in the 17th century, as one of a kind, but well... sank in the Stockholm harbour on its maiden voyage, impressive piece though, and take a wild guess whose idea it was to go there :).

My request was to find the little boy in Gamla Stan. A.k.a. Boy looking at the moon is probably the smallest outdoor sculpture in the world. Heard about it once after I came back from Stockholm last time, so we went and found him this time. I have to say, he wasn't easy to find, he's not marked on the maps, briefly mentioned in some tour guide sites, and when you finally find out he's in the courtyard of the Finnish church, you can't find the Finnish church because the streets in Gamla Stan are narrow and tiny and GPS doesn't handle it well enough. It's on the left side from the royal palace if you're facing it, you just have to look closer. And the boy is in the back, nuns and generally people make him clothes every now and then, sweet, eh?

It was cold and so that was the end of Saturday for us, so we went back to relax a bit in our room, hubby got the chills so I forbade us from going out for dinner and had it at the hotel's restaurant Strand (or The Strand, can't remember), but the food was very good, Swedish with a twist.

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