Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Germany once more: Oops! I missed my flight...

Not that I was slacking or anything like that. Actually not my fault at all, my flight from Cairo landed late in Frankfurt to catch the next one to Bergen, the usual business, next flight in 6 hours.

Then the flowchart/autopilot start:
1- How much time I have? 5 hours.
2- How far is the city? 15 minutes by a frequent train.
3- 1&2 sound good, find the lockers.
4- Get on the train.
5- Ta da!

Now if you're expecting this to be anything close to Berlin, you're highly mistaken, this is nothing like it. This is a true business metropolis, a lot of fancy buildings, not much sightseeing, loads of shopping. It's a place where people live and work, i.e. earn their money and spend it :)

It's as neat as any other German city though, it's not a place you need loads of time to visit, it's pleasant to go around, and in my situation was a good way to spend those few hours I had at my hands before my next flight, walk about, get something to eat, a cup of coffee and head back to the airport.

Result: Happy me and one more tick on my map :)

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