Friday, 2 December 2011

I've been driving round Norway 6 days

The last day of the journey, but probably one of the most impressive since I'm visiting two of Norway's most famous sights.

First Geiranger, Norway's most famous fjord, and that is really beautiful. If there's one thing Norway excels at, it's the beauty of its special nature. Geiranger is no exception, beautiful, very beautiful... and with calm waters... wow. It's got a lot of waterfalls and some farms on the side of the mountain that are almost impossible, no wonder the people didn't last there. Then it's a beautiful drive up into the mountains again, some more amazing waterfalls and greenery all over.

The next and last sight of the journey was Trollstigen (the ladder of the trolls), this is a road down the mountain side into a valley, zigzaging like crazy, crossing a waterfall like 2 times and ending up on a flat ground heading back to the real life, back to the E6 road, out of that fairytale journey we had.

Now it's just the journey through the Dovre area, and back to Trondheim, home, as nice as the journey was, it was really nice to be home again too. :)

Norway is a beautiful country.

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