Friday, 2 December 2011

I've been driving round Norway 5 days

Now let me start by telling you that you won't hear much about Florø since there isn't much to say, it's just a small seaside town, cosy but that's about it. The fifth day was used to get from Florø to Ulsteinvik where my sister in law lives. Nothing much to say about Ulsteinvik either, it's just a small ship building town.

But that was not all, the way included a beautiful trip to the westernmost point on the Norwegian coast, and a real sandy beach, too bad it's always too cold to use it... Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, you can probably enjoy a sunny day on the beach but go into the water at your own risk... hypothermia is almost certain.

Vestkapp which is the westernmost point of Norway and the whole of continental Europe was supposed to be special, sadly it was so cloudy on that day, that the whole mountain or cliff was covered and it was impossible to see anything at all... maybe next time. The beach at Ervik though was quite impressive, didn't know they have such places in Norway but apparently they do, and apparently Ervik is not the only one, it's definitely beautiful, sad it doesn't get warmer here to really enjoy it.

The rest of the road was just the usual West Norway terrain, mountains, ferries, tunnels...But there was one moment that scared me half to death and I probably never felt such adrenaline before, mountains...going into a tunnel then coming out into a turn on a small road over a cliff, the water was far below and another mountain across, breathtaking view! but at the same time AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! :0

We also passed through some small cities in the middle of Norway, why did people come here in the first place? There's nothing around here, and it's far from everywhere! weird people.

Finally Ulsteinvik, a pizza and a nice chat over a cup of tea, missed half of that though as I was so tired and partly drifting away, the guest room bed was a most welcome place to be, tomorrow we head back home to Trondheim, but not straight, there's still some sightseeing to do :)

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