Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Germany once more: Christmas shoppiiiiing!!!

And there aren't many countries in Europe that are better to do that in than Germany. Which city? Pick and choose, any major city is a good choice. My choice was solely based on comfiness of flights, therefore Munich.

I gave myself close to two days there and very successfully chose a place to stay, by the central station (the train to the airport is one thing you don't want to late for), and as is the case with the other two German cities Ive been in, this was a shopping heaven, added to that all the nice Christmas decorations in the streets and on shopping centers, you got the mood to do the shopping too :).

The difference here is that this city has more to offer, remember that this is also the capital of Bavaria (which is interesting on its own), jokes aside, it's rich in culture, it's a city with more history to it than Frankfurt.

Sadly, as is the case of Frankfurt, I can't tell you much about this nice looking city. Not because of the lack of time, but because most of that time was spent inside various shops. I managed to get a couple of photos for you though :)

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