Friday, 1 August 2008

Back to Scandi3: Røros, Norway

Where's Røros?
Røros is located in the middle of Norway, in the county of Sør-Trøndelag. Inland, doesn't overlook any seas or fjords...

What's so special about it?
Well...not much, it's an old mining town for copper.

Which leads us to the main question: How did i end up there? and why?
The trip was totally unplanned, the decision came within the minute between reading a road sign and turning that way when me and Erik were driving up to Trondheim. The whole thing was like: -Røros...let's go to Røros. -OK! and we did!

Parked our car by the train station and went walking around, it's a small city with old narrow roads, typical Norwegian houses and old style shops, one big church and the interesting part: the old mines and miner houses...

Getting there was like getting to the ghost city, deserted mining facilities (turned into a museum), very old small houses nearby (where no one lives anymore, also part of the museum) and mountains of mining waste, all those piles of rock that were holding the copper inside them. The facilities and houses are on one side of a stream, the piles are on the other.

There seemed to be no one else around but us and it felt a bit creepy, but we still enjoyed the walk, the sights and climbing up the rock piles to a spot where you see the whole city underneath :)

We both thought it would be a great location for rock concerts, you know... as in Detroit, rock city (Detroit is an industrial city, cars, etc...) and reaching the top of the rock pile, we found out we were not alone on that thought, seems like something was going on, there was already a stage and the sound and light guys were already working there.

But that was all, the days was getting slightly dimmer, there was nothing more to see, so we just jumped in the car and continued our journey to Trondheim. But that little trip was nice.

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