Saturday, 10 May 2008


It's just such a beautiful and romantic city! I loved it...
Went there for a weekend, it was my birthday present from Erik for my 25th :)
The hotel was so nice as well, it was this 5-star thingy, and breakfast in bed! (i love breakfasts in bed :D) and it was very close to the castle of Prague, the road was a very nice walk especially that we got a nice sunny day, it's very big that castle but also extremely crowded, the queues were enough to put us off entering anything and the journey continued.

We walked down from there, then up the hill again in between big gardens to queen Anne's summer house (Krolovsky letohradek), relatively small...what she might have called a cabin :) Now the place is a museum of its own history, surrounded by loads and loads of greenery, we walked through some of these parts, very beautiful.

Next was Prague's most famous: Charles bridge (Karlov most), before crossing it we climbed its tower and had quite a view of the city center, the bridge was crowded beyond limit, full with tourists and local artists selling their drawings, sculptures and other craft work, i bought a little cat shaped wind bell (you hang it in a place where breeze comes along and it starts tingling :) the bridge is beautiful and scenery around it is beautiful.

It got even better getting into the small streets and alleys of the old town (Staromestska) with all the old architecture, and the most famous Old town hall clock that was also designed to show the date! Then the Tyn cathedral with its specific structure and further down the tight old streets is the Square republic (Namesti Republiky) hosting the Powder tower (yes, that's what it's called).

The Old town square where the hall with the clock is has a lot of nice little cafes and restaurants, we had a good afternoon snack and some refreshing drinks just enjoying the hustle and bustle and the nice weather, we've been very lucky with the weather down there, and most importantly, we had to witness the clock announcing another hour of the day, with the creatures coming out, and the music, etc...

Another must see is the National museum, quite big...After finishing it, it's a very good idea to just head down the street the museum is facing, find a nice place and have a nice lunch :) And generally walk around, it's the best way to enjoy Prague, just walk, take the scenery in, take the history in, take the elegance in.

Walking through the city after sunset is less cultural but much more romantic, cosy streets, cosy restaurants, and a beautiful atmosphere, it's very inviting for going out and just wandering around the streets, some full with people, some half empty, but all very nice picking the mood straight up.

I didn't feel like a stranger in this city, felt a bit like home and felt so nice having Erik around, it's a city for two for sure. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking :)

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