Thursday, 11 September 2008

And we came alongside in Den Helder

It's definitely not a place for sightseeing, nevertheless, it's a little cosy city. It's a famous Dutch port and we were there for a port call on out way to North sea. You have to know that port calls are normally the worst days of your job as in most of the cases they carry the biggest amount of non-stop work for you. But just the fact that you can finish your work, go out and actually see people you've never seen before living a normal life out there is well worth it, for that reason alone i like port stays.

Den Helder welcomed us with sunny warm weather, we stayed there for 2 days and i went out after shift on both, first day i just went straight into the city center where everyone was hanging out, shopping or just enjoying the beautiful sun.

The second day was a long walk along the beach from the port almost to the lighthouse at the other side of the city, then back through the quieter residential areas of the city, most of them are so cute, i would love to have a house like that. Although looking through the huge windows you can see that these houses are pretty small, but they have a small backgarden, big windows inviting the sun in, gardens across the quiet street and a generally beautiful location.What catches the attention the most though is how almost every window without exception had some style of decoration to it, some had dream catchers, some just had flowers and dwarfs, some had different statuettes, different homes - different styles and it all looked so cosy.

Going out when on a port call is a must, you change the scenes and faces, you see new places, lift your mood and recharge your energy. I can work as much as needed during shift during port calls coz i know there's something nice to look forward to afterwards :)

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