Sunday, 10 September 2006

Out and about in Cairo

I was sitting with my friends thinking where should we go when we meet next time...The answer was strange but all accepted the idea for some reason, we decided to go to the Egyptian museam although we've been there more than once.

The day turned out to be really nice, we met early, had traditional Egyptian breakfast together then headed to the museam, the place is just huge, it's a two story building but each of them takes you ages to go through it, and ages more to watch everything there, We went around till we stopped feeling our legs and then decided that it's more than enoug today and headed for our next spot.
That spot was actually a ride, in Cairo there's an old means of transport known as river bus, it doesn't go to many places of course (logically, as it only goes along a part of the river) and stops working as a public transport really early, after that it goes out in small "tours" for about half an hour, where you can see the same Cairo you know so well from a totally new and quite amazing angle.
That tour gave us some time to relax and feel back our legs :) but now our tummies started singing, and that was Cinnabon's turn to help, after a hot active day, that was the best treat a person can ever have, i ate my Picanbon and started relaxing and almost falling asleep, like the rest of us as well, we called it a day, going home very happy and determined to go for another small adventure as soon as we get the chance...

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    AUTHOR: Announah
    DATE: 09/17/2006 13:58:13
    Hey all; i'm one of the girls up there!
    in the matter of fact going to the Egyptian museam was somehow my idea; as i've never visited it as I was dying to see the mummies.
    What i love the most about the three of us is that we're really in sync; i mean - ma sha2 Allah- we're great together.
    I love these two girls very, and i can say that they are really my best friends.
    Maria and me specially are synchronized; we mostly say same things together at the same moment and have the same opinions about most of things. What i like the most about her is the way we're kidding (you should try this, just go out one time with us you'll be lolling out loud :D, i'm sure!).
    The only thing i wish now is that we will be together all of our lives and in Jannah(Paradise) isA (God Willing).
    P.S. I always call Maria, Mareyyety means "my Maria".
    Finally, Mareyyety I Love you (catch this (f)).., I Do!