Sunday, 17 September 2006

Heading to Norge

A new adventure has just begun, i'm sitting right at this moment at the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, Holland, waiting for my flight to my next destination, my home for the next six and a half weeks, Norway.

I'll be having my start school there, which will last for 6 weeks then another three days for small boat training, i'm really excited about Norway and feel it's gonna be interesting and i'm gonna enjoy it. and if i played it right i'll have enough time to go around, seeing Oslo and maybe other Schengen countries if i decide to.
Till now i haven't met Izak (my south african colleague) although he's supposed to take the same flight to Norway, but he still has some time to show up, maybe he's just sitting somewhere else. Well if i don't meet him here, i'll definitely do in Asker tomorrow (he he).
The weather here is a bit cloudy but sun is peeking out every now and then making it really nice, and sitting here with a slightly sunny window is really delightful. Already brought the Dutch presents for my friends and sisters, only my mother left, coz most probably that's gonna be a big one, maybe one of the plates i saw, and as usual i couldn't resist a new mug Image
I still have 45 minutes to take off, which means maximum 30 till boarding, that i don't know actually what to do with, i'm sitting here writing meaningless stuff just to let time pass, i don't like waiting for long, besides, we still have a journey from Oslo to Asker but this one should be fun.
I hope internet in the hotel is for free for us Western Gecans, because sitting without it isn't gonna be nice and paying hotel rates is even less nice, i want to be able to have some time off, chat with friends and family.
Ok, i'm getting bored of writing already, so i'll finish now and maybe play a game or read and wait for my boarding...see you in Asker :)
p.s. Izak didn't show up, hope he doesn't have any problems back there, and internet is really for free for us Western Gecans Image

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