Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Scandinavia part 1: Oslo,A really cool weekend

Last weekend, i've been to Oslo both on Friday and all Saturday!
That was really cool! Oslo is not a big city (especially when comparing it with our dear old Cair).
It happenned that Erik, a friend of mine was in Oslo on these days so we agreed to meet, Friday was a relaxing night and dinner in Oslo, we went around the center of the city and the harbor area, with people all around enjoying their weekend, with the great weather and great food afterwards on board of the sea, the night was just awesome!
Saturday was another day to remember, i went to Oslo with a colleague from the course at midday, met with Erik again and we walked all around the city, in the small streets, through the street markets there, through parks, seen the royal palace (it's not that impressive by the way), went to Vigelandsparken with all the statues, it's a very famous park there, went also to the student and immigrant area there, then city center again, had nice chats sitting in different places .
I believe these two days will be the best in all my stay in Norway , and Erik if you ever happen to read this, thanks a lot, you made my weekend, you're really the best . Tusen Takk
I'm planning for my coming weekends here, they must be special and enjoyable and i have some ideas already, but as usual i'm not telling you about them yet .
Stay tuned though!

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