Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Scandinavia part 2: Stockholm, Sweden

I'm writing about this more than a week after but the feelings of that place are still the same, i really enjoyed that big, busy yet very beautiful and heart capturing Swedish city.

My journey to Stockholm was really special, though i went there all by myself and spent two days walking around on my own, taking photos and enjoying the new experience, i had so much pleasure of this visit.

Stockholm is located at the east southern end of Sweden, the city's southern half is basically a grouping of islands of different sizes which actually gives it the charm. Each island has its own special components and its own special taste, for example, Ridderholmen gives you the feeling of ancient living, Skansen gives you peace and glory, Kastellholmen of greatness and solicitude, Vasagatan of modernity.

It's a big city with a huge mix of people from all around the world, living and working there and of course some who are just visiting (just like me), it has so many diverse aspects, the architecture, the people, the culture, the crowded shopping malls, the beautiful small restaurants on Drottinggatan.

You can go around it and never get bored, i was there for two days, and when i had to leave i didn't want to, i enjoyed it so much, i made the biggest amount of photos in 2 days that i ever had before.

One of the must see places in Stockholm will surely be Drottinggatan, this narrow, long pedestrian street is the perfect place to shop, eat, get souvenirs, sweets and chocolates, or just walk around enjoying the spirit of the city, and i really recommend "restaurant Drottinggatan" if you decided to have dinner on your way, it has a very interesting choice of dishes and desserts and a good delicious meal is guaranteed.

You should also see Ridderholmen, Gamla Stan & Kastellholmen , three old places that have really beautiful sights and you can take some amazingly artistic photos there. And also some gorgeous photos of them if you cross south and go up from south bank (Söder Mälarstrand).

When it comes to museums, Nordiska is really interesting and the national one should be good. Awalk on the banks of Stockholm is a must as well, it's just amazing!

And the feeling you really get while walking around is that this city should be visitied in one of two ways: 1-Either alone in a good mood (even if not, you'll get a good mood there)
2-Or with someone really special, a person you really like and feel 100% comfortable with.

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  1. AUTHOR: Announah
    DATE: 10/18/2006 15:43:57
    I have a Swedish friend named Lemmy; I guess he would never talk about Sweden as Maria did!
    P.S. waiting for a souvenir ;)