Sunday, 3 September 2006


You may have some strange relationships but if you get down to it, there's really nothing strange about it. I know a lot of people, very few are real friends, and i'm very satisfied with that, and very comfortable with it.

Nowadays, i'm travelling a lot, getting to know new people on the way, some of them are just colleagues, some may turn to good friends, nobody knows how it'll be.
My way? Try! Never judge someone before you really know them, go with it till the end and never be afraid to try, because if you don't you'll never know, and you may be losing something.
Sometimes a person can be so different from you, maybe absolutely different, different culture, different traditions, different religion, different way of thinking, but they may end up as your best friend, someone you can really trust, someone who'll always be there for you. The one really important advise here: Never be afraid to try.
As time goes by, and you look back at your life, you'll see that your friends are a treasure you have, a treasure that can last forever...

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