Sunday, 3 September 2006

Who's that girl?!

To start, let me tell you a little about myself.

I'm a 23 years old girl, that tries to do what she enjoys and tries to enjoy what she does.

I was born in Ukraine, my mother's home country, lived there for 5 years, but i had a Jordanian father, so at that age i moved with my mother to Jordan, i started going to school there, i got two sisters during this period and at the age of 8 we moved to Egypt.

This is the country i spent most of my life in, i went to school there, i went to University there (by the way, i'm an electronics & communications engineer), i got my first job there. All my friends are Egyptian (well, most of them).

I got a new job just a few months ago, and now i'm travelling all around the world with it, and to tell the truth ... i really enjoy that. I work on a seismic exploration vessel (sounds big, huh?).

I really enjoy reading, i read any book that gets in my hands, and even if it's not interesting, i'll read it till the end, i like to give the author a chance, i criticise only after getting the whole picture.

I also enjoy swimming and snorkling, Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea is my favourite spot, hot weather, cool sea, beautiful atmosphere, that place really makes me feel good and relaxed (not talking about the nice tan).

Travelling is an obsession, i love travelling, and i love going alone around cities, why alone? because all my time will be for watching the place, taking pictures and thinking, thinking and thinking.

I've been to a number of countries: Ukraine, Russia, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Poland, Emirates and Scotland. And of course i have maps of most of the cities i've been to: Kiev, Moscow, Cairo, Warsaw, Aberdeen, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London. I love collecting maps and love taking photographs of places i've been to.

Now, i'm looking forward to my next trip. Where? i'm not telling you ... yet :)


  1. Blogger allows you to import posts from most other platforms right? Would make transferring stuff easier I guess...

  2. Well, i tried, but it didn't really work, since the format expected by Blogger is different than the one Yahoo lets me download my blog in :s

  3. did u just move 40 posts in a shift?! or did the import work?! :)