Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Invading UK 1: Gatwick!!!

Here i am back to writing again after a looooooooooong period of updating nothing at all on this page.

So here is my company sending me for my first 3 weeks in the office and i get assigned to Gatwick.
Gatwick is basically an airport with a few hotels and companies around and nothing more than that, unless you want to count the petrol stations in as well, it's a 40 minute ride by train from London, it's surrounded by some small towns, you can walk to the closest which is Horley (15-20 min. to the town center) and there you can find some shops, restaurants, pubs and generally a nice place to have a dinner then a walk.
I'm staying at the Sofitel which is located at Gatwick airport's north terminal, and the Schlumberger premises are 10-15 min. walk from the south terminal, so it's a ride on the nice small transit train everyday then a nice refreshing morning walk. The office here is quite big, people seem nice but i didn't communicate with many.
The problem with this place is that it's so damn BORING! There isn't a lot of work for a trainee who comes for 3 weeks out of each 10, so i ended up having loads of time to myself, progressed a bit in my training program, but also started heartily hating Gatwick, still i have some hope it'll get better.
My mom came here too, and is spending 9 days here with me, we had a really nice Sunday in London, but you'll read about that in another topic.
P.S. The building in the picture is the Schlumberger House.

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