Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Invading UK 2: London

The capital of UK, quite a big city actually (although not when you compare it with Cairo...nothing is as big as Cairo), i went to London twice talking slightly a different route through my day.

My first time in London started at London Victoria station, Erik visited me for some days here so we went togehter, started walking towards Buckingham palace (the royal residency) and into St.James park, although it was so gray, the walk in the park was really beautiful, you could see ducks and a lot of squirrels, so tamed that they ate from people's hands and you could simplt take a picture of them, that was a really pleasant site.
Finishing the park, we arrived at WestMinester palace (which includes Big Ben in its architecture), that building is really beautiful...a piece of art, and looks really pretty when you see it from the Thames side, as we crossed the bridge, the London Eye was on our left hand side, we turned towards it and kept walking along the Thames till we reached the most famous Tower Bridge passing by loads of famous nice buildings including the Millienum Bridge, the military vessel Belfast, London Dungeon and London Bridge.
A really interesting sight on tha Thames bank is the live statues, you have a lot of people there dressed up into different characters, standing there as statues, some of them have certain movements, others are totally still, also some performers where there with football or jungling small balls...
At the Tower Bridge we crossed the river to the other side and started walking on the north bank for a while before going into the city passing St.Paul's cathedral and just walking our way back towards Victoria, got to a point where we got really exhausted, our legs started to hurt and our stomaches to complain, so we stopped for dinner at an English restaurant at Victoria str. (which wasn't as bad as people say about English food), relaxed and continued to the station, although our day was spent only walking around and we didn't take any pitures, we enjoyed it.
The other time went to london was with my mother, that was a more cultural program, we didn't walk along Thames, we didn't see St.Paul, but we took the London Eye, it's actually huge but you don't see all the sights you expect to see riding anyway, we also went in the Aquarium which i really liked with all the fish and sea creatures they have there (including Nemo), we saw the Dali & Picasso exhibition they had there (i really like Dali's art...), we also walked through Northemburland str., saw Sherlock Holmes pub, passed Trafalgar's square, Picadelly circus, walked along Picadelly str. (bought a mug that had a chocolate rabbit for free), walked past Buckingham palace and took photos there, which was the most important about this day, it was all documented with photos, my mom just loved London.
So London is nice, but do i really like it...hmmm...

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