Thursday, 1 February 2007

How i missed home!!!

I'm home!!!!!!!! Finally i'm home...
What a great feeling!

So here i am after spending 6 weeks out there on my dear Bluefin coming back home, the crew change was really tiring. We were told that we'll be in Doha at around 10 a.m. and start it but some onsigners were missing, then we found out they'r stuck in Dubai then that they're in Doha but stuck in we ended up starting to move to the Zakher Princess at almost 5 p.m. We got to Doha port almost at 8 and went through lots of papers and checks and security stuff, it was so damn boring and the time we went out of there it was already time for most of the people to start heading for the airport, so the bus took us to the airport, everybody went down apart from me and 4 other people who were flying the next day.
The hotel they put us in was another story, the moment you step inside you know that this doesn't look really good, it's just one of those hotels having no stars at all, you know? (hmmm...lokanda?) Fortunately, regardless of the "luxurious" bathroom, the room was clean and encouraging enough to sleep.
Then it was time to eat something as by this time which was a bit after 10, the birds in my stomach mutated into dinosaurs (i.e. I was starving), as Erik was still there, we went down together and decided to go for the chinese restaurant, the sight inside wasn't at all pleasant, of course as expected (although i kinda forgot about that) there were no women inside apart from 2 quite suspicious looking, there were only arabic men in all their traditional dress and head gear, and they were all totally drunk, listening to a band of a far-eastern man & woman who sing famous songs in English (and who aren't really profissional, to tell the truth...they were more annoying than enjoying). We decided to sit down and eat anyway as our choices at this late time and place weren't big at all, the food on the other hand was really good, so it payed-off for the lousy place.
My flight was next morning at 12:10, i headed for the airport at 9:40 or something and there everything went quite fast, first to Qatar Airways office to collect my ticket, then to check-in, then to the duty free shops for perfumes and chocolate, then for a quick breakfast as i didn't have any in the hotel, then it was already time to go to gate and start boarding, the flight went fast as well, spent on watching an Egyptian movie they were showing then half of a russian one i had with me.
And then i was home, feeling really happy and great to be there, the dinner was one of my favourite dishes "Mahshi" stuffed cabbages and grape leaves...yummy! I slept for 15 hours and now i feel just perfect ;)

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