Saturday, 23 December 2006

Walking through Doha again

Got ready to sail off to my ship on wednesday morning, but after all what happenned it would have been a miracle if i actually got on that i was delayed again till tomorrow, this time they were planning to put me on our supply boat Zakher princess and sending me straight to the Bluefin together with our chief navigator as he was delayed, this plan changed later to going on the pinging vessel Stanford services later to get to Bluefin when the sun is laready up so that we won't wait too long till they send the FRC for us.

So i took another day in Doha, and went out for another long walk to the coast but this time taking another route and walking during the day, the sight in the morning is even more gorgeous, you see how blue the sea is and how beautiful with the sun shining warm and bright and with the great palms along that coast...what can i say? just perfect!
As usual i got home quite tired, and i spent the late afternoon sleeping, and that was a good sleep, i felt so good after it.
Later that evening i went out for a simple junk dinner at Burger King, came back, had a nice hot bath then ordered cheese cake and tea to my room, the amount of tea they got me raised my mood even was really a lot!
Thursday morning right before going for breakfast, i got a call from our chief navigator to check what were my plans for the day, after we were informed that we're moving to the port at around 4. I had my breakfast then went around the shops near by to get some things that i needed, got back to the hotel then called him, we went out for a walk...again to the sea-side, sat there for a while then went back, had lunch and went up to our rooms to relax for a while and get ready to go, met down in the lobby at 4 and waited for our agent...then our journey to the Bluefin began...

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