Wednesday, 1 November 2006


I decided to tell you a little about my friend Adel...

Adel is a really nice Egyptian-French guy who is as old as me, he lives in France but he visits his relatives in Egypt once a year and that's how i got to know him.
I first met Adel when we were 9 years old, i.e. about 14 years ago and we've been friends ever since.
He works at the French telivision now as a lights technician or something.
Adel was born on 12 of December 1982, he's really kind, sencere and caring, a man you can rely on. He also can't lie, at least not to me (maybe because i've known him for ages).
And he's probably my tallest friend (191 cm tall!)
I like his company and i like the way he thinks about and analyzes different matters and issues, i hope we'll still be friends if we happenned to live till we're 90 years old

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