Friday, 3 November 2006

Paris, je t'aime

J'etait a Paris le weekend dernier. Oops, excusez-moi, je retournerai a anglais 😋
Last weekend i was in Paris, that city is just a dream. No matter how people may tell you it's dirty and how they didn't like it there, i'm telling you that city is really cool.

I arrived on Friday evening, Adel met me at the airport (who's Adel? read the prevoius blog),the first impression of CDG airport and the train and subway of Paris weren't so impressive, they're so similar to what we have in Egypt, our terminal 1 is much better now than their CDG. We went to his house, left my bag and we started my sightseeing straight away.
First of all we headed to the Sacre Coeur, the old famous church, it looks really great at night, wheh it's all lit up and beautiful, we went inside and they had a service, it gives you a special feeling, no matter what religion is there, it always remind you of your own and makes you feel God. Then we headed down from that religious place to one of Paris' most shameless streets (it's funny how these two places are so close together and the church is like on a hill, looking directly at that street!), it's Montmartre with all it's casinos and XXX shops, the street of lights and this is also where Moulin Rouge is (and it's not that impressive from the outside, just a normal night club).
Now we were getting quite hungry and it was time to get something to eat, we stopped at a KFC for supper, ate, relaxed and got going again, our walk lead us to L'Arc de Triumphe, quite an impressive sight at night too, this is where Champs Elysee street starts, we walked all along it till its end at Place de la Concorde with the famous Egyptian obelisque, that's a huge square with this obelisque right in its center and two green and golden fountains standing at its sides and there stand Paris most expensive two hotels, and by the way, you can see the Eiffel tower from Champs Elysee and the lights they put on it at night are one of Paris' most beautiful sights for sure.
From Concorde, we started our way back home,passing by St.Lazare station and through the streets of Paris back home, we arrived at 3 something a.m. were quite tired, we just had a quick snack, i fell asleep close to 5 a.m. though and Adel stayed awake till 6, of course nobody woke up before 12 next morning (or should i say noon).
The one who actually woke up at 12 was me, and it wasn't a simple job to get Adel up. We actually didn't go out till it was 2 something...
This time we headed for Paris' most famous museum, yes, the Louvre, it's just HUGE!!! and to go all around it you need to go from the hour it opens till the hour it closes (that'll be 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.), we went through the Egyptian part, some of the Greek part, and around some of the paintings, of course we went to see the Monalisa, but if you think it's like a huge impressive thing, you're absolutely wrong, it's just like A3 size paper, so if you go to Louvre get ready for disappointment (i already knew it was small before going so mine wasn't that great), when it was about to close and started calling people to go out, we went walking again passing the National Academy of Music, then we headed home for eating, his mum cooked us great food that we really enjoyed, we had some rest, a cup of tea and went to see the greatest sight, the Eiffel tower.
Eiffel tower is located on board of Seine, quite a nice long walk from Concorde square and i'm not gonna talk about the great lights again, it's lit in bright yellow light that is actually reflected on the clouds! (i'm not exaggerating) then every now and then they start sparkling white lights that makes it look even more glorious.
By the time we got there it was too late to go up, so we sat around for a while, then had some crepe and walked to Trocadero, the biggest expedition house in Paris and were planning to go see Notre Dame de Paris, we stopped at a place on the way where some Paris youth play street music and play with the fire, when they're all down there waving their fire and dancing to the sounds of their own music, it looks so good that you want just to keep watching them, we stayed there for a while, then went forward, after walking for a while we decided to go home as we were quite tired, Adel took me through very nice small old Parisien streets that got me more tired as we were mostly going up but bumped my mood up just as much.
The original plan was to get up early, go up the tower, see Notre Dame and maybe Lafayyette if we got enough time, what happenned is that we got up at 12 again, went to the Eiffel tower, spent most of the time there, took loads of photos, went down, looked at our watches and realized there was actually no time for anything else, passing by Trocadero to the subway station we stopped for some time there watching a really talented african guy manoevering a football, he even has a website, but i haven't seen it yet so i won't recommend it yet. I also saw the subway train without a driver, that was really impressive (please excuse a girl from a third world country).
As usual i was almost late for my plane, i got to the airport just 20 minutes before the departure time, passed all security stuff and arrived there just in time but i was lucky enough and the plane had a delay, so they didn't board on time and i caught it safely.
Getting back to Asker felt like getting back home and was so relaxing, but my weekend in Paris was one thing in my life that i'll never ever forget...
Truly, Paris, je t'aime .

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