Monday, 23 October 2006

Scandinavia part 5: Bergen, Norway

After a long adventurous trip across Norway and after sleeping ourselves out, Aurelia was even tired of sleeping at one point, we woke up to start a beautiful day in Bergen.

A nice breakfast in a sun lit restaurant at the hotel on Bergen Bryggen was the best way to start the day (and supply our selves with sandwiches for lunch), We checked out and went walking on the Bryggen, this is the centre of the city and is a really nice beautiful place that makes you feel happy, i even bought myself a traditional Norwegian sweater and a T-shirt with a small Norwegian flag on.

We went all around the city, took a lot of photos, the weather was quite warm regardelss of the little fog. And it didn't rain! and i actually won a dinner because of that, Erik bet me for dinner that it rained on us there (but it actually didn't, hurraay!).

Bergen has 7 mountains around it, the highest one is Ulriken and you can go to its top using a "funiculaire" called Ulriksbanen, we went up there and the sight is really huge, you can see all Bergen clearly from there, it's nice to see the bryggen from up there, cool! That place also has a column with pointers to the seven peaks, if you stand there and look exactly in the direction the arrow points, you'll see the corresponding peak.

Walking back to the train station was really nice too, the city is just so calm and nice, we arrived about 20 minutes before the train departure time, got ourselves some food and drinks and went into the train.

In a couple of minutes, our journey back to Asker started, regardless of any problems on our journey, we really enjoyed it and were in a very good mood, we kept talking and laughing (and counting tunnels, there's just loads of them all the way), the man facing us was almost laughing out loud at what we say, we made his journey for sure.

6 hours and we were in Asker, back home (Scandic home), really happy and really satisfied with our most original and extraordinarily interesting trip.

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