Monday, 8 January 2018

2018 Make Nine? Why not?

For those of you who don't know what this is, the story is simple. One decides on 9 garments to make during the year, publishes this plan on IG and tries to make the 9 garments materialize during the year.

Based on previous years, 9 items should be a walk in the park, I usually make a lot more than that in one year, so I decided why not? Let's join this year, maybe I find new interesting people to follow and maybe even inspire a few to follow me.

There are two common factors to the patterns I chose here:
1- All the patterns are from my existing fabric library (or close enough to that).
2- All fabrics to be used are from my stash.
I'll probably need some threads and notions but that's all which is great!

Alright, let me walk you through my choices:

This is Burda Style 12/2015 #121B. A simple yet cool shirt dress with a belt. I've been looking at it since...yes, you guessed it...12/2015 and now I believe I have a piece of satin fabric that is a good match for it.

Item 2 is the Burda Style 5/2013 #129B. I think I've been planning this for 2 years now! I have the fabric, I have the notions and I'm ready to go, it just so happened that other projects kept getting in the way.

Next on the list is Burda Style 3/2014 #119, but this pattern is only going to be a base for what I'm going to make, the neckline stays, the fit stays, but the gathered bits on the sleeves are to be replaced with a pleated version and the hem will be straight.

Those who have followed me close enough will be very surprised by this one. This is the Deer and Doe Melilot shirt, meaning it's an expensive pattern and I simply don't do expensive patterns. period. But the shape matches perfectly what I want to do with another piece of fabric I have.

Long story short, this will be a hack where the general shape with dropped shoulders will be from one pattern, the collar, pocket and sleeves if I decide to keep them from another and the hemline from a third. You'd say but that must add up to the EUR14 + shipping the Melilot costs? But it doesn't because I already own and have sewn two of these pattern (and they cost me 2 euros each), meaning I only buy one for EUR 2 😃.

Item 5 is actually already in progress. It's a very cozy looking sweater that I fell in love with while looking for something to make out of the wool I bought from my trip to Belgium in December. The pattern is called the Pouf pullover which is free from Lion Brand Yarn. Just fingers crossed that what I have is enough or that I manage to source more if not 😐

Item 6 is a summer dress based on Burda Style 10/2016 #102. Why based on? Because mine will be maxi with side slits and with short sleeves. This one will be made of a jersey fabric with LOUD print, but a bang of color is nice sometimes.

Then comes this cute summer dress. This is a pattern I found for free at some point at I'm not even sure what this brand is: Style (?) 2620 and I'm going for the shorter view B. It's probably ancient and the fabric I'll be using is one that was to be used on another dress (about 2 years ago), but that was before I decided that ruffles and other similar girly-girly features are not my thing (they don't fit my personality if you know what I mean) so I moved to this one. I simply fell in love with the construction of it! You pull the skirt on, then pull your head through the neckline like an apron, then pull the back down and tie the bands on the front around your waist! I love it! Clothes engineering 😁

No.8 is this dress with an "umbrella" skirt Simplicity 8384 View B, I really like how this dress looks and the plan is to make it in silk, and potentially another variation in some cotton afterwards too, who knows...It all depends on the success of the first.

And finally item #9 is these short culottes from Burda Style 5/2016 #110, and once again the date gives away approximately how long this has been planned. Once again, I have the pattern, the fabric and the required thread and zipper to make it but I've been distracted.

The order presented here is not necessarily the order they'll be sewn/knitted in. And there'll probably be more than this made during the year. Well, to start with there's another 2018 Make Nine list coming up for my upcoming business Cotton Candy, but that's a bit more preliminary than set in stone. This one I'll try to treat as stone-like as possibly 😉

Are you taking part? I'd love to see your plans! Leave me a comment with a link so I can take a look and have fun sewing it up.


  1. Good luck, nice choice of the pattern and I like the idea of planning... I'd love to join but would probably want to add 0 to 9 to get 90 instead :-) And then to make only nine would be nice indeed :-)

    1. Thanks! I probably will make more than 9 myself, but some of these I've been planning forever so maybe putting them out there makes me finally make them ☺