Monday, 12 October 2015

A cat...

Is a creature that has no feelings for you. It gets attached to the house not the people. It doesn't care whether you're gone for a long time or there all the time. It can't be trained to do tricks, that's a dog thing. It's a mean creature that can hurt you for no reasons. It smells bad and makes the house smell bad. And many other myths that poeple who never had cats keep telling you...And even through you've watched a thousand youtube videos with cats doing different "good" things, you still believe the above.

But how about you come home from work, open the door, say hi, and hear small feet running down the steps, then someone saying meow! and brushing against your leg.
How about someone small and furry who eats breakfast cereal and yoghurt with you every now and then.
How about this same someone sits on command and gives a high-five? :)
Goes searching around the house for you when he comes in from a trip outside? Then finds you and gives you a hug and some love before even he goes and eats?
Comes to you on the sofa and lies right next to you and purrs?
Is so happy to see you after you've been on a one week vacation, that he comes into your bedroom and checks on you 4 time a night for 3 days and sometimes even jumps in the bed and lies on top of or next to know...just to be sure you're still there.
Comes walking around the street with you when you're for example on your way to the shop (only inside his known territory though, you're on your own outside it :) ).
And if you've been out and he sees you come back home, he start meowing from across the street to attract your attention, runs and says hi, then comes inside with you for a cuddle.

I won't claim all the cats of the world are like that, or that my first paragraph applies to them all, but I know that most of them are and I've met quite a few. A friend of mine keeps telling me my cat thinks it's a dog, he doesn't, he's a very cat cat, it's just my friend who hasn't been around them enough...

It's true there's no getting away from a few small bites and scratches if you approach a cat in a hyper mood, but that is not a very frequent occurence. And this thing about smell? It'll only smell in your house if they go about marking territory...and that in turn just means they're not feeling safe enough in your house, there you have it!

I love my cat :)