Friday, 28 August 2015

I'm still alive...

 Pfffffffuuuu.....cough...cough...cough!!! It was about time to shake the dust off and take down the cobwebs.

It's been almost two years since the last post. That's quite long! The ironic thing is: I didn't stop writing for the lack of something to write, there's always something to write about, there's always something I'd like to get down on paper (or a blog page), there's many things travel and not travel related that I should've posted about.

The problem is though that inspiration doesn't really hit when I'm sitting on the sofa, with my laptop within arms reach and I have nothing better to do with my time. The opening lines for any post happen half way up a mountain, half way down a ski slope, on a train, plain or automobile with nothing to write on, etc...And by the time I have the time, the moment has been and gone.

Yup, it's quite a change since offshore days, one always had the time onboard to pour the thoughts out. That same one mentioned always finds something better to do now that one is living continental :) There's always a husband or a cat or friends or hobbies...

I'm not sure if it was all the talks I had recently about blogging, or the fact that another friend started blogging, but whatever the reason is here I am babbling on. It does feel good...

I'll put some effort into it, not too much though, no promises here :)


  1. yay! a post!!

    yes, I've had the same sort of issues to some extent (when I have things to write about, I'm too busy doing them, but later I'm busy doing other things and so on)

    still, even a few lines every now an then and a couple of photos here and there, and there's a trail of breadcrumbs to follow in a few years' time :D

  2. Hurra!!
    Så ikke dette før nå.
    Men nå vil jeg følge spent med på neste post.

  3. Takk Anna, jeg skal prøve å være flinkere til å oppdatere :)