Monday, 5 August 2013


I was just sitting at some point and thinking that I've taken quite a few photos of animals during my travels.
This is a post to showcase them.

They're not great. It's difficult to make great ones with creatures that don't get the point of posing, but some of those my lens captured I find quite special.

Of course, there's your usual farm animals...

Cows in Scotland

Sheep in Scotland

Horses in Norway

The famous black and white cow (probably in England)

And your usual birds...

Canada geese in Scotland

Ducks in Scotland

Ducklings also in Scotland

Toulouse geese in Switzerland

More ducks in Norway

Then animals and birds you've seen before...

Peacock in Scotland

Squirrel in England

The famous pink lizard (there was so many of those in Egypt) in the Maldives

Another lizard in Cyprus

Rabbit in England

Fish in Switzerland

And the slightly less usual ones:
Pheasant in Scotland (it's been a long journey in the countryside there :) )

Deer in Scotland
Colorful lizard in the Maldives

Deer in Norway

But my personal favorites are the next ones. I think they're a catch :) (and I don't really care if you think otherwise :p )

The White breasted water-hen in the Maldives (don't get too impressed, I had to google it to find its name)

The baby highland cow in Scotland (well, where else but in the highlands?)

The bat in the Maldives

And my all time favorite:
The owl in Scotland, that I think is a feat :)


I should have had seals too, but it seems I never carried by camera to take photos of those... Maybe next time I visit Tarva.

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