Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cyrpus in the sky

 The next journey through Cyprus was inland.

We headed away from the shore into and up the Troodos mountains. You'd say: mountains on Cyprus?! Yup, you bet. Cyprus is really bigger than you think. And the scenery is breathtaking, we wound our way up small roads on the side of the mountain and through the most picturesque little villages and towns, they're the cutest I've ever seen, beautiful Mediterranean houses, small streets, flowers and colors and all that hugged by the mountains around. The village of Sykopetra is like something out of a story book, Chandria, Kyperounta, all really nice to look at and drive through, and the locals seem pretty happy to see you and smile at you as you drive by :)

Then you reach the top of Troodos at Platres, which apparently used to be the summer base for the British Empire army because the weather was too hot down in the cities for the high commanding Brits :) That part is not so special, but has a few nice cafes to take a break in.

The ride down the mountain side was even better, the sights remained as great as ever, we stopped at a waterfall buried in the mountains, passed a big lake where people where rowing, and saw a lot of nice houses scattered in the area and you can't help but thinking that you should come back sometime to Cyprus but live in the mountains not the beach, rent a place with a view and enjoy the peace, quiet, beauty and local cuisine, Greek food is good.

We also drove the coastal roads from Limassol in the direction of Larnaca, the drive was beautiful, but Larnaca is not worth the effort.

Took a couple of trips to downtown Limassol too, the areas around the Medieval castle is an old part of town with narrow alleys all over the place and they're all filled with restaurants and cafes, this is where the locals go out, and the atmosphere is really nice and relaxed, if you're ever there, dine there one evening... or two :)

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