Friday, 14 January 2011

Bellissima Roma

Now this trip was a bit unplanned for. At least not in this way. The original plan was to take a long holiday in Italy and drive around the country.

This turned out to be totally different. OK... So I went there for a U2 concert, as a birthday present for my husband, but who am I kidding? It was my own present to myself too :) And that's exactly what we did there the Friday we landed. Got some good sleep then headed to the Olympic stadium. The supporting artists (or rather the sound test) were Interpol, pretty disappointing from my point of view. But U2! That was Huge! Haven't had that much entertainment in ages. Great sound, great setting, great effects, great performance of my favorite great songs! In short, I LOVED IT!!!
Since we only had Saturday in Rome, but we were in Rome, so we had to do some sightseeing, the obvious choice was the Vatican city and the Colosseum. The B&B I booked was a walking distance from the Vatican, and that's where we headed first. The road leads you straight to St. Peter's and it's quite a view. Can't tell you about the interior, didn't go in there as the queue was humongous!

Decided to brave that queue for the Vatican museums though, and that was literally the longest queue I stood in in my life. It's one of those museums where you go to see a few piece in particular. This one housed the Michelangelo painting in the Sistine Chapel, on the roof, The Creation of Adam. Been there, done that. Tick :)
The Colosseum which was obviously the next destination was beautiful, that must have been a really big thing back when it was used for Gladiator shows. Sunset there is quite a site too, and you're guaranteed to get some really nice photos there. As great as I expected it to be.

We walked the way back from there, the way to the Piazza Venezia is an amazing mix between
the present and the future, modern living areas across the street from the ruins and remains of old Rome. And from Piazza Venezia to my hotel via backstreets, that's a beautiful walk, narrow cobble-stone streets leading to an array of small piazzas (squares) and on to more narrow streets. Another site that wasn't on the plan but got added during the walk was the Fontana di Trevi (Trevi fountain), which was to be our last stop before dinner at an awesome Jewish restaurant and going to bed.

The fountain looks really cool! Very crowded though. The fountain is occupying the full height of the building supporting it, with Roman sculptures reaching down to the pool of water that looks almost clean enough to drink.

There's def. much more to see and do in Rome, and it's a beautiful city, reminds me a bit of the centre of Cairo, similar architecture, similar degree of "crowdness", even people look similar to Egyptians :) And I'm definitely coming back here, I think I fell in love with Rome.

But for now just throw a coin in the fountain! Make a wish! And hope it comes true and make you this much happier :)

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