Saturday, 14 August 2010

So it's Scotland once again

And particularly Aberdeen, as usual courses bring me here, i have two this time, both in Aberdeen, but the cool part is: There are four free days in between. What do you think i'm doing during those days? That's right, traveling around. I'm actually going on a road trip around Scotland.

The first interesting day (or rather evening) was during a course, me and Erik drove north by the coast in search of the awesome cliffs Scotland has in that area. I was left pretty disappointed, they weren't what i expected them to be :( But i got some nice photos of various animals, but I'll brag about that later :)

The drive itself was pretty cool though, tiny roads, the sea, tiny fishing villages along the way and some (albeit non-impressive) cliffs almost all the way to Peterhead.

Peterhead itself is a small typical UK town, i heard the accent up there is pretty rough, but the McDonald's boy i ordered my meal from was totally intelligible :D But by then it was too late (the reason why it was a Mac rather than a nice Scottish restaurant) and we had to head back to Aberdeen, had to get up early the next day.

But after the course was finished the real fun began! I drove down to Edinburgh, first time driving a "mirror" car, well... one with the steering on the other side etc... but that's to be continued in my next entry :)

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