Saturday, 14 August 2010

So it's Edinburgh once again

First of all, i would like to thank Scotland for having such amazing intercity roads, it's been a pleasure to drive them :)

I've been in Edinburgh before, and somewhere in this blog, there is an entry about it, probably in 2007. This time i was living on the Royal Mile, that's pretty much the city center and where things are happening, it's a pretty lively place, this is the street going from the Scottish parliament all the way to Edinburgh castle, and it's full of shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes and even more full of tourists, but hey, nice place.

Edinburgh welcomed us this time with amazing sunny and warm weather, and the day we spent there was used for doing what i didn't get the chance to do last time i was here, and the thing i promised to come back for: following the water down to Leath.

It's a pretty long walk, a bit longer than i expected, i think around 4 miles? i might be wrong but it was one proper walk. It starts by the Dean's bridge following a canal/river called "surprisingly" the Water of Leath all the way down to the actual Leath. If you ever read Glue by Irvine Welsh, that was all about that place. He might be from there...

These days Leath is considered a fancy part of Edinburgh, and there's a reason for it i understand, it stands by the sea, and is very cosy to be in, and having lunch in a little bar/cafe thingy by the sea was comforting for the mood as well as for the hunger from the long walk :)

Obviously the way back was in a taxi, with a very friendly driver who gave us tips about nice places to pass and nice road to take on our next journey, and i can't help smiling every time i hear the Scottish accent :) Sweet...

The rest of the day was spent climbing up to Arthur's chair, you probably get a great view of the city from there, but it was fogged over when we made it up and made the city look a bit gloomy, still it was a good exercise :) Tomorrow the journey continues heading north west and I am looking forward to that.

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