Friday, 23 April 2010

Deutschland. Tag 1

First day was spent in Eastern Berlin (where my hotel is as well), had a long itinerary that I hardly covered half of, before my camera's battery died, my feet almost dies & my stomach's dinosaurs started their symphony.

Managed to do the Reichstag, which is the "parliament house" of Germany, nice view of Berlin from the top :) Then Berlin's most famous Branderburger Tor, the gate that was originallt part of the wall has become the symbol of Berlin (together with the bear :)). From there a walk down Unter Den Lined street and Friedrich strasse, where check point Charlie is located, a lot of reading on the walls, didn't read all but what I have read and the photos are enough to really make me feel how bad it was with two Germanies and separating walls.

Started feeling really tired and hungry there, but still walked around and got to Gendarmenmarkt, took a look at the concert house and the two almost identical cathedrals standing on both sides of it, the German Deutscher Dom to the left and the French Franzosischer Dom on the right, the three buildings looking pretty grand together, you can get inside the German cathedral which contains pretty much the full German history, but beware! Everything is only in German! Grab that free audio guide at the entrance. You can also enter the French cathedral which has a Ballustrade open from where you can get a great view of Berlin as well.

Up there my camera died, and I decided to call it a day, now just dinner, tea, and general relaxation :) (written on 25sep2009)

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