Friday, 23 April 2010

Deutschland. Tag 0

Out on the road again, more new places, new faces, etc... This time it's Berlin, never thought I'll actually visit Germany. Was never on my list really. What's so interesting about Germany? Nothing much.

Now I'm spending 3 days there, and until this moment i have no clue what i want to see but where the wall separating east and west Berlin once stood. Internet just left me more confused, it's just s***-loads to see over there, I guess I'll trust the professionals and go with the 3 day tour plan I found on

So far I'm sitting onboard a Lauda Air plane taking me from Sharm el Sheikh to Vienna, first leg on my way, and can't stop wondering about the Egyptian fly i just shooed away that is going to Austria right now, without a visa! You think it'll follow me to Berlin? :D

See you when i get there. (written on 24Sep09)

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