Thursday, 26 July 2007

Invading UK9: Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

Another place i go to because of my mother, on Saturday after some shopping in London we headed to St.Pancras station from where we took the train to Nottingham. The first thing i was really impressed by is how fast this train was compared to the ones i usually take to London or Brighton or anywhere in Sussex and London areas. It overran two of the Bedford trians on the go.

The trip was nice, fast and not without some pleasure for the stomach. We arrived almost at 8p.m. so there wasn't much to do but a light supper at the place of my mother's friends, loads of chatting and laughing and then going to bed. The lady is one year older than me, a very nice Russian girl married to a very nice English man.
The next day the fun started, they took us to Chatsworth which is the property of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, who have a "holiday house" there in Derbyshire, which is actually quite a big mansion with huge gardens around that they open it for public, the palace didn't impress me that much, it's just like any other palace although they have some really impressing pieces of art in there...
The gardens are the best, they have a garden of roses, a rock garden, a tree maze (which was fun) Loads of different birds, ponds with fish and a huge fountain in the middle of a big pond right at the back of their palace.
The stables were another impressive thing, they are actually not stables anymore, they were turned into a restaurant, a cafe and a gift shop, the restaurant serves traditional English Sunday roast and the atmosphere there is really nice with the pink and purple colors of the place and the glass dome on the top that lets the sun rays through, beautiful! I'm a big fan of the sun, especially in Europe where they mostly lack it...poor people.
Chatsworth is also a place where the "Porsche owners club" has holiday gatherings, we were there, and Porshce cars were all over the place...glamour!
Finishing our trip there and taking loads of pictures (and getting my ankle badly hurt, it still does after two and a half weeks from then, i'm seeing a doctor soon) we went into Nottingham, went around the Nottigham castle, saw Robin Hood statue, which was quite depressing, you think of Robin Hood as a manly tall strong guy, while what you get on that statue is an impression of a middle to low height teen boy with not an air of strength about him.
Also saw the oldest pub in England (or what Nottingham people claim to be the oldest pub in England, because St. Albans people say the same about a pub they have there), it's right next to the castle, has a lot of small rooms cut in stone, not bad, but nothing compares to Aberdeen's Seven sins pub, that one is the reconstruction of an old church, and was really capturing! And Scots are more fun too.
The day was coming to an end, so we just headed to the train station to make our way back to Gatwick, i enjoyed my weekend there...really did.

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