Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Invading UK 8: Greenwitch! yes, the zero point!

With nothing on our minds, and with the mostly rainy weather in UK, me and my mom went out on Sunday, took the train to Victoria then the underground then the DLR till we got to Greenwich...

After walking for a while, we found it, the zero is located on a top of a hill where the Greenwich observatory was built, in the middle of Greenwich park, the park is really beautiful, and the scent of the trees make it so relaxing...
Inside the observatory fence, there's an artistic symbol of the globe with a crystal-like pointed rod representing the axis of the earth from which a line rund on both sides indicating the meridien and that's it!
I was really disappointed, expected something a bit more interesting!
Still the beautiful park, the scenty trees, the great sunny weather, all the happy people around and the nice trip on the DLR through clean neighborhoods and quays made up for it, and i went home happy and satisfied.
All i needed is a nice dinner and that made my day, will i go there again?...Always an option.

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