Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Invading UK 7: Glasgow

After spending a great day in Edinburgh, the next day was Glasgow's turn, Glasgow is only an hour away from Edinburgh by train, and the road between them is all green and beautiful.Reaching there i had no idea what to do or where to start so as usual i got myself a map and started tracing a route according to the map of a taxi company that provides tours around the city and started (of course) walking.

Got to the river side, walked along it, saw what they call the main mosque or the great mosque of Glasgow...very disappointing,bad architecture with a rusty metallic dome and looks like it's either unfinished or neglected for years, then along the river again, into the city center and all along Buchanan street, most of which is pedestrian only, the typical British city center street with all the shops and restaurants.
Exiting the city center i headed to the National art gallery and Glasgow university, these are located quite far from the center behind a beautiful big park, and the old buildings of the university look really great from behind the tree branches.
After a nice walk there, it was time to turn back as i had to get back to the center for a nice dinner, then to the airport to catch the plane back to Gatwick, that was another nice walk through the park a little bit under the rain as well, which luckily wasn't long or strong. Got to the nearest sub-way station and it turned out that it runs only till 6 p.m!!! So took the bus back into town, had a nice dinner and headed to the train station to go to the airport, found out that trains to Glasgow airport don't go as frequently as around London and that i had to wait for an hour to get there, so i took a taxi instead and safely caught my plane back to Gatwick, was really tired by then and it was really nice to get back "home".
Nothing much to tell about Glasgow, just an ordinary business city.

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