Friday, 11 May 2007

Invading UK 6: Edinburgh

That was definitely one of my best weekends ever, if not the very best one!
I liked Scotland since the first day i stepped out of the airport in Aberdeen, but to tell the truth...i never imagined that it's capital is that gorgeous! It's a magical city...with all the old building, castles, and monuments right in the middle of the modern life.

Walking around in Edinburgh is a pure pleasure, bringing you more and more beautiful sights as you go, wherever you turn your eyes to a direction, something captures it and you end up confused which direction to take or what to see of all those great old buildings looking at you through the branches of the trees.
My day there was all about following my eyes and just walking, walking and walking, been to the Dean gallery, where they had some kind of painting exhibition, i believe cubism or something...
A must see in Edinburgh is the castle, standing high up a hill over a green beautiful garden right in the center of the city, surrounded by the liveliest streets, like a giant guard looking down at it and protecting it from any intruders, it has a special spirit for sure, and going around it is a nice thing to do, going up and down, in and out through its gates, up its pathes, down its stairs, it's that touch of history that never ages with time and gives the glory to wherever it is...
The path leading you to the castle is known as the Royal Mile, walking there is another must as well as visiting St.Giles cathedral, that's the most famous there, and if you ever went through photos of Edinburgh, you've definitely seen it with it distinctive architecture, that hollow dome above it, actually this type of architecture is all around Edinburgh, gives you that gothic medieval feeling, that's where gargoyles fly from at night. and by the way, they have some of them on some building, and it does look freaky.
Now for sailors like me, Leith was a place to go (although i didn't have enough time for that), that's the part of the city by the sea, and the most romantic and beautiful way to get there is to follow the water of Leith, which has a path on both sides, it starts almost in the center of the city and flows down to the sea in Leith, the nature around is heart taking, and you probably won't feel as peaceful anywhere but here.
All in all, this is probably the most special city in UK and it'll be a waste if you had time for it and never went there.
Would i go to Edinburgh again? Oh yes! The main reason this time being to follow the waters down to Leith...

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